Brookton Fire Rebuild

June 20-21

In 1997 a massive bush fire damaged many farms in the Brookton and Pingelly area and our club offered farmers our help to replace fencing, etc.

Our assistance day was June 20 + 21 and a group of five members went to Robert Coppings farm 4 kilometers from Brookton.
On arrival we found that the farm only had perimeter fences, all wooden posts, light poles and trees had been burned and our task was to divide the paddocks. Many sheep had been grazing extensively around the homestead and couldn't be sent out to pasture till the paddocks were divided.

Rolling out the mesh
Our group first had to align the fence line and starpickets were dropped at intervals of 8 meters, pickets were then rammed into the ground. A ringlock fence was unrolled,strainer posts dug into the ground and wired up and the fence was stretched with a wire stretcher and tractor and attached to the star pickets.
Lining up the star pickets
A slow but rewarding exercise. The day was cold but was offset with a few beers and a find of mushrooms to take home. Four of our group decided to go home but as I like farm life, I offered to stay the night to show other members the location of the farm. Little did I realize that the night was going to be freezing cold.
Wiring up the star pickets

The next day the sun was out and digging in strainer posts soon warmed us all. Wiring up the fences made our fingers sore but through team work we had almost put in 4.5 kilometers of fences whick was much appreciated by Mr and Mrs Copping. The weekend went fast, we all learned a lot about fencing and strainer posts and it felt good to be part of a voluntary organisation to help someone in need.

Post hole digging

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