Well3 Restoration

September 1998


After months of planning, and obtaining sponsorship and materials, the time had arrived to put Well 3 on the map as a restored well.

Group photo at  Well 3
Thank you to all our sponsors for their effort in making this a great success.
In the wee small hours of Saturday 26th ,(0350 hrs), 19 4WD'ers in eight vehicles departed Ginger's Roadhouse. Apart from one minor mechanical problem, the run to Wiluna was uneventful, arriving there at about 1700. By now our number had grown by one vehicle and two people.
We departed Wiluna for the Canning Stock Route which we had to negotiate in the dark - at times very slow going, the track being a little in some places. We made contact with other club members who were already at Well3 at about 1730, arriving ourselves at a little after 2000 hrs.
Most of us were happy to just setup camp and crawl off to bed to dream of the work to be done the next day.
Sunday 27th dawned and everbody seemed keen to get started on the restoration.
Repairs to the top of well 3

Some the members who had arrived a day earlier had done some preliminary earthworks in the hard ground. Well done!
Small teams were organized to do various different tasks, including setting up the club showers and porta potties.
Chainsaws wee used to cut up sleepers, and the sludge pump, powered by a sponsor's generator, was put the well itself, removing the muddy water.
By 1700hrs the majority of the work was done. The well has been drained, the new deck was in place, and the wire fence erected. All that remained to be done was to wind the cable onto the windlass and attach the bucket.
Sunday night was spent around the campfire, some members thinking of the trip home, and some anticipating continuing up the CSR and into the Carnarvon Ranges.
The Lids to the top of the well
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