Information about Well 3

The restoration and maintenance of Well 3, located on the Canning Stock Route, is a current project of the Foothills 4WD Club.The well was restored in September 1998 by members of the Foothills 4WD Club, and at a later date another trip was undertaken to repair and replace the water trough area next to the well which at the time was used to water local stock

Plaque with information about Well 3
The plaque above was set into a formation of rocks collected from the area by the club.The plaque records the latitude and longitude of the well and its general history.

Plaque showing Sponsors
The Foothills would like to thank all the sponsors that helped with the supply of gear and equipment for the restoration work on the well. Other thanks go to the many people from the club and visitors that helped with this great challenge.

Windlass over Well 3

Windlass above the well

Plaques in rock  formation

Plaques mounted in rock

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