MEMBERS: Rick & Elizabeth Honschooten
James Little & children
John & Jenny Fairbotham & children

VISITORS: Brian Honscho oten, Megan Gay, Melissa Gay, and Wade Bush
Leah, Ian & Sam

Some Club Members

We met at the Caltex Service Station at 8.30a.m. but due to a mix up no one picked up the trailer or the rubbish bags. James went ahead while we waited to see if anyone else was coming.

After about 15 minutes we went to Simon's to collect the rubbish bags, while Rick and the visitors went on and met us at Wanneroo Road turn off. About an hour later we arrived at the turn off, Rick and visitors had let their tyres down, so we went on the first hill to let our tyres down there. While waiting for Rick and Co. they managed to take a wrong turn and ended up South of the beach to where we wanted to be. We then carried on to our usual meeting place and found James and family, who had seen the others on the beach and we headed off to find them; only to find it wasn't them but members from Quad Drive. By this time I was a little bit stuck on the beach. After several attempts and letting our tyres down even further we were able to drive off the beach and continue our search.

Finally we all met up at the old fishing shacks, had some morning tea then went off to collect rubbish. There wasn't a lot around and Quad Drive was also picking up rubbish.

Had lunch at about 12.30 then followed the track North to the end of the fence line and took a wrong turn, which tested our visitors in the Vitara and 4 runner. After finding the right gear and a lot of throttle they finally made it out.

We followed the track out to a clearing, re-inflated the tyres and dropped off the rubbish. Thanks to everyone who came and helped clean up our club's bit of beach.

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