Forrest Forrest Siding Forrest Siding
Forrest Siding Forrest Siding Forrest Siding
Forrest Siding Forrest Siding Forrest

The Planes, Trains, and 4WD

Trip to Forrest


July 2000



Shane Herring

Rick and Elizabeth Honschooten

Arthur Renshaw


The trip came about some time ago.  After reading an article in the motoring section of The West, I decided that I would like to go out and visit the last outpost before you hit the South Australian border.  So began the Planes, Trains, and 4WDs trip to Forrest.  The advice I received mostly went along the lines of “your gonna get wet!”.  Well, after doing my research and checking out the bureau of Meteorology web site, decided that July was, in terms of rain, probably the best time of the year to go.  So read on and enjoy.

Day 1 – Sunday

We left my place (I’m not silly) at around 7:45am.  There was light rain and the calls of the rain warnings echoed in my ears.  We headed out along Great Eastern Highway.  The rain got heavier but I looked on the positive side that we had a long way to go and it can’t rain EVERY day.  We had morning tea along the way.  We refuelled at Coolgardie and looking back theses days, fuel was quite cheap at 89.9 cents per litre.  We headed for Kalgoorlie.  Passing through Kal, Rick and Elizabeth took the lead to take us through to the railway line.  About 20Kms out of Kal, we turned off and found a camp alongside the railway line.  It was here that we saw our first train (for this trip anyway).  It was a freighter. We were to see a few of these mostly between 60 and 80 carriages long.