TRIP LEADER: Cheryl, Greg

Geoff & Pauline
Tom & Val

Garry & Robyn
Shane & Jasmine
Peter & Sue – Neal
Rick & Lisa

Wow’ what a great turn out. It was good to see so many people for our Torchlight Tour. Sorry to hear that Andy and Sandy couldn’t make it. Hope you are feeling better Andy. Ron and Lyn were having a very nice dinner at home (forgot) -sorry you missed a great night.
The weather is holding out for now and I hope that the rain never comes as some of the Tour is outside. Our tour guide for the night is Amy who tried very hard to give us a fright but unfortunately her face gave it away when something was about to happen. We had a couple of other people on our tour which I think we ended up with about 33 people in the group. This is a very popular place to visit and very busy. The Tours leave at 15minute intervals so you couldn’t afford to be late. Amy had us line up against the wall in the office area where the prisoners first arrived.

They were stripped and had a cavity search and then given their new clothes and various other items for their stay in prison. The prison tried to stop drugs and contraband from coming into the prison and this was the first port of call so to speak. She had us take a torch so we could see where we were going during the night, in the dark dingy scary hall ways as she opened and shut the doors behind us with the keys so no escapes would happen on the tour. She then gave us an over view of the events for the night. Just to set the mood our first encounter for the night was to be a mannequin thrown from the roof as our first surprise. There is a net that hangs between the floors because of the suicides in the jail. She explained that the walls have broken glass and razor wire to stop the escapees. We had a prisoner jumping out of a cell, we saw Moondyne Joes cell. They went to a lot of trouble to keep him in. We walked around looking at various things and places. I don’t think the jail was a good place to be in the early days. The people must have been small and the toilet facilities were next to none except a bucket for the night. Some of the cells had paintings on the walls which were very interesting. There seemed to be a lot of sex offenders and petty theft as prisoners. We went to the Chapel and the Gallows. I didn’t see any Ghosts but some people felt a presence. We saw some hand marks on the window in the Chapel which showed up with the cold night air - still not convinced, thought they could have been anyone’s. This was a great night out. The best thing about the night for me was the whipping post; one of our group members in our tour did a demo. She stood there, feet apart and hands in place as the Tour guide Amy pretended to whip her. She was asked for a scream but we got "give me more, give me more",the second attempt was a wee voice and the third attempt was an all out scream. We visited the gift shop and the photo gallery. Most people went their own way after the tour but some went to the pub for a quiet drink I thought that Fremantle was on the quiet side for a Friday night. Never the less we did feel a bit old and out of place with the young ones.

Did you believe the orb? There are a lot of superstitions with numbers (13). I still want to see a ghost. There is so much more to see, need daylight.
Thank you all for coming, hope you enjoyed it as much as I did.

Trip report by Cheryl

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