Ladies Day Trip

TRIP LEADER: Cheryl, Greg & Kylie Harris

MEMBERS : 'The Boulter Brigade'
Kathie & Russell Bauer
Sandy & Andy Cheyne
Lyn & Andy Parkin
Melissa Guy & Ray Honschooten

VISITORS : Gillian & Phillip Allen

We bravely set off from the Caltex Service Station after the run down from Cheryl about convoy procedure, etc., we went tail end charlie as Sherman aka The Bulldozer or 'The Slug' as Andy calls it, It has one mighty sick motor at the moment (has nothing to do of course with the fact that I well and truly cooked it over a year ago)

We had not gone very far when Cheryl decided that a red light was not one you should stop at, after giving Greg a bad time (he kept his mouth shut though cause he knew he would cop a fine) we continued on our merry way along the black top until we reached Sawyers Valley, where we did a strange sort of 'U' turn to get us back to the track we were going to travel along.

Sandy testing low 4wd on muddy bank
Not too far into this track we decided to stop for morning tea beside a huge tree, where one of the locals who was on a morning jaunt stopped to have a yarn with us, we continued on - oh, we forgot to mention - Cheryl had decided that a quiz of 20 questions would keep the male passengers busy whilst we women got on with the heavy stuff - the driving - now we don't want to to put Cheryl down or dampen her spirits BUT if you didn't listen to the morning crew (92.9 (?)) or follow the A.F.L. you didn't stand a chance!!! as most of these questions were based on these two subjects.
We started to drive along the power lines, in some places it was pretty straight forward, in others one could say a wee bit of a heart stopper - especially after I had convinced Gillian the night before over dinner that it would be just like a Sunday drive through the bush (she had never driven the 4WD before in the 4WD mode) and they should come along and enjoy the day - yes she still is friendly with us - but will she ever trust us again? !!!!!! Jackaroo crossing small  creek
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