Saturday 24th January – Monday 26th January 2009

Club Members Val & Tom
Russell & Kathie
Bob & Kay & Raimu
Gilliam & Rob
Andy & Sandy & Barbara (Sandy’s mum)
Ron & Lyn
Mike, Debbie & Jake
Greg & Cheryl

Visitors John, Amanda, Emma & Matthew
Dana (Amanda’s friend)

Russ & I departed for Peaceful Bay on the Thursday prior to the long weekend. We headed off to Pinjarra, and stopped for lunch and the obligatory cake at the great bakery in Pinjarra. We continued along our way, down South Western Highway, and eventually Russell turned to me and said “I’m on the wrong road – I meant to go down Albany Highway”. Oh well, not to worry, the Pinjarra bakery isn’t along Albany Highway.

We made our way through Dardanup, Donneybrook and through Manjimup. It’s at about this time on such journeys down south that I think to myself, “I forget how beautiful it is down this way. I need to get out more”. Our journey took us through the area of fire that had happened shortly before, and it was sad to see the landscape black and burnt, and to realise that some buildings had not escaped the fire.

We arrived late afternoon at the Peaceful Bay Caravan Park. It is a beautiful camping ground, with green grass (yes, you know I like green grass), and lovely trees. We set up the tent on a lovely grassed area that had been reserved for the club, and then took a stroll to the bay and around “town” – “town” consists of the old fashioned caravan park shop, and a neatly and beautifully presented area of well kept holiday homes. The bay is an absolute delight – calm, see-through turquoise water, with two clusters of rocks off-shore that you can wade out to as the water is relatively shallow. It is stunning.

We returned to the tent and were about to eat dinner at 8pm, when the lass from the caravan park came to deliver us a message – it was the second time she’d tried to locate us. Tom and Val Seaman were bogged!!

Val and Tom, who’d had to walk to get mobile telephone reception, had called their daughter, who had in turn called the caravan park. Russ didn’t have mobile reception, but the lass kindly offered the use of the phone in the office. Russ found out where Tom and Val were – they weren’t far – and set out to help them. The road Tom and Val were on had two ways of getting to it, and as Russ headed off, the sun began to disappear. As bad luck would have it, Russ picked the end of road that didn’t have a signpost on it. By a great stroke of good luck, Tom and Val happened to be at the road intersection (having had to walk back to their vehicle), just as Russ drove past and Val was laying a pointer to the car. It was indeed fortuitous, as night was falling.

The scene was surveyed – one bogged vehicle and one bogged camper trailer. Tom had unhitched the trailer, so the car was easy to pull out. But the trailer, with all its weight, had its front end dropped and buried in mud. The trailer was snatched out, but had to be cleaned first, and then jacked up so it could be reattached to Tom’s vehicle. This was done with great ingenuity – a small jack was used to jack the trailer up a little, and then wooden blocks were placed under the jack so as to jack the trailer up further, in order for the jockey wheel to be lowered.

At 10pm, the troops pulled in to the camping area (I had stayed behind at the tent). Tom’s vehicle and camper trailer were half covered in black mud, and Val and Tom had black mud half way up their calves – they were quite a sight. Part of the camper trailer was erected, and Tom and Val were able to shower and go to bed clean.
The next morning (Friday), Bob and Kaye and their granddaughter Raimu arrived. There had been rain showers in the early morning, but by 9am the sun was shining and the tent had dried off. It was a beautiful day. Kay and Raimu, Russ and I went swimming in the bay, which was absolutely glorious. Later that day Arthur, Cheryl and Greg, Mike, Debbie and Jake, Gillian and Rob, and John, Amanda, Emma, Matthew and Dana arrived and set up camp in our allotted area.

On Saturday, the club went for a short drive to the beach area around Peaceful Bay, and on to Soft Beach. The weather was fantastic – the beach was beautiful. Ron and Lyn had turned up by the time we returned to camp, and Saturday was a lazy afternoon, swimming in the beautiful water and reading and taking it easy.

On Sunday, we all went out for a drive. Firstly to Conspicuous Beach, a long bay with stunning water and waves rolling on to shore. A magnificent wooden walkway has been built to take you to the beach, and toilets are provided. We continued to a few spots along the coast, some with fabulous rocks and surf crashing over the rocks in spectacular fashion. Once again, the weather was hot and great, and the ocean was a mesmerizing colour of blue and turquoise.

We enjoyed lunch at Walpole, and a visit “inland” to Circular Pool – a wonderful boardwalk took us to the pool area to see the water falling over the rocks to the wider swimming area.

It was then off to find refreshment – in the form of enormous icecreams! We went to an icecream and fudge shop in the direction of Denmark, where they make icecreams “to order” – you select what frozen fruit or chocolate type you would like, and they beat it together with icecream, and you end up with this gi-normous personal icecream. It was terrific.

On the way back to the camp site, we called in to Boat Harbour. The bay was, once again, absolutely beautiful – clear turquoise water and white sand. We swam and had a drink of wine or beer, and it was a glorious afternoon.

Back at camp, we got together for wine and cheese. Mike was happy because he had found, at IGA in Walpole, a chilli cheese he liked that he could no longer find in Perth – and it was delicious.

On Monday, it was time to pack up and return to Perth. Several of us travelled together through the “backroads” to Williams, where we stopped for lunch, whilst others had traveled separately. Taking the “backroads” on quiet country roads was a pleasant experience. Tom and Val stayed at Peaceful Bay for an extra night.

We enjoyed a wonderful few days together, with lovely weather and a beautiful beach. The location was marvelous.

The highlight of the trip was Andy baking two chocolate cakes (with icing) for Jake’s birthday on the Saturday night - thanks Andy, they were delicious.

Thanks to Rob and Gillian for booking the site and leading a great trip, and to everyone on the trip for a terrific weekend.


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